Ultimate HAM Radio LogBook For both beginners and Experienced Axers

Release Notes

23 JUN 2020

  • Fixed various bugs with ADIF import and logbook display.

3 JUN 2020

  • Added AGWQSLPrint.This Utility helps you design your own QSL card to print using your printer.It automatically fills the QSO details from ADIF file and prints 4 QSLs in each page.
  • Added HamLibNet.This Utility allows you to use your radio (CAT) from different programs that support HamLib over TCPIP(rictld.exe). The main difference from rigctld.exe is that it is windows program that allow you to configure/use many radios using a graphical user interface. rigctld.exe is a console application.
  • Added ability to filter Logbook View. Now When you click a Logbook Header you can sort or filter your logbook.
  • FT8 View now haw a new Helper view with all stations in Waterfall as they appear. Easier to Identify stations and find a free Frequency to TX.
  • Fixed a problem when updating DXCC entities. DXCC entities include all the callsign that participate in Contests, thats why is so big.
  • Fixed various problems with CAT (HAMLIB).

13 APR 2020

  • Fixed The problem with ICOM radios. Switching to VFO-B.

11 APR 2020

  • Fixed various Registration Problems. (Hope!!!)
  • From now on DxDozer uses Hamlib to control transceivers.Hamlib is used by many other programs like WSJTX. DxDozer can control now almost any available Radio.
  • BE AWARE your list of transceiver will be DELETED.Read the user guide for more info.
  • Add a new Application HamLibNet that in brief allow many different applications to control the same Transceiver without conflicts. You will be able now to run Both DxDozer and WSJTX without conflicts. Read the user guide for How to.

8 MAR 2020

  • Fixed Registration Problems. (Hope!!!)
  • Changed a bit the tooltip in DxClsuter Views
  • Fixed the CAT system for YAESU new transceivers like FT450,FT-991,FT-2000 etc.

13 JAN 2020

  • Added new Tab [Hot] in DxCluster Views. Now Automatically retrieve the 'Hot Now' stations from dxcenter.com/DxCalendar. You can see where DxPeditions Tc in a glance.
  • Added new Function [Capture Signals]. If you set it On then you can transfer with just a [CTRL]+[C] any callsign from any digital program to QSO Panel. You can do RTTY or PSK or anything else and in the program you use just double click the signals to mark it and then press [CTRL]+[C] to transfer it to DxDozers's QSO Panel.
  • Added New Tab [Windows] on Ribbon Menu Bar for 'Easy Mode' menu. Now fits nicely even the smallest screen.
  • Rebuilt the transceivers manager. No more Problems with Kenwood and Yaesu transceivers.

30 NOV 2019

  • Added Windows10 Notifications for App Update and for new DXCC entities and calls.
  • Added silent update ,every week, for LOTW and OQRS users
  • Added ability to upload QSO(s) to ClubLog.Configuration from File?Logbook Properties
  • Fixed various problems while importing from ADIF files.(thanks to Alessandro, IZ4OSH)
  • ADIF import now imports LOTW and eQSL status
  • ADIF import now imports also Contest information

14 FEB 2020

  • Fixed 'Live Update' Problems.
  • Fixed a problem with multiple stations in the 'HotNow' DxCluster List.
  • in Expert Mode in DxCluster added the ability to delete DxSpots older than "user specific" time. That way keep your lists clear.